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Aging in Place Committee

Aging in Place Committee

This committee was established in 2009.

It is made up of one CHF Canada board member and five members appointed by CHF Canada’s Board for two-year terms.

The mandate of CHF Canada’s Aging in Place Committee is to:

  • develop a unified picture of seniors’ issues in housing co-ops
  • promote to all levels of government the need for housing co-ops to offer low-cost housing to seniors when operating agreements end
  • develop tools that assist new housing co-op design, using the principles of universal design or visitability
  • create guidelines and information for housing co-ops to help them adapt to the changing needs of their members as they age in place
  • gather and promote information on community support and referral services for seniors so they can remain in their co-op homes, and
  • document best practices on aging in place.

Who can be on the committee?
Members of the committee must:

  • be a member, director, or employee of a CHF Canada member
  • support the committee’s goals and have time for its meetings and work

What are the duties and responsibilities of a committee member?

  • guide the development and implementation of CHF Canada’s workplan on aging in place, as established in CHF Canada’s annual operating plan and budget
  • meet three times per year, or as required, via conference call to plan, review and evaluate the activities of the committee
  • liaise with any regional federation or association in their area
  • attend any regional or local sector based aging in place committee in their area
  • provide the Board of Directors and membership with an annual activity report

For more information about the committee, please see its terms of reference.