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Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee

This advisory committee was established in 1999.

Its membership comprises six people with professional or lived experience in a range of equity, diversity or human rights topics in education, training, law, community development, non-profit or other related sectors.  Committee members are appointed by CHF Canada’s Board for a three-year term and is chaired by the Board’s liaison to the Committee.

The Committee’s duties and responsibilities are to:

  • provide expertise, information, support, feedback and guidance to the program staff and Board of Directors of CHF Canada on an as-needed basis
  • advise on how to increase engagement in initiatives or address concerns related to human rights, equity, diversity or inclusion
  • provide input and feedback on education and communication resources and materials developed by CHF Canada staff
  • recommend related strategies to the Board of Directors via program staff or the board liaison
  • meet at least once per year, or as required, via conference call, and
  • provide the Board of Directors and membership with an annual activity report.

For more information about the committee, please see its terms of reference.