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More Value for Your Membership

More Value for Your Membership

How do we offer our members great value? With pooled purchasing power combined with persistent negotiating.

We’re putting international co-operative principle #6 – Co-operation among Co-operatives –into action.

Membership in CHF Canada saves your co-op money on a special set of products and services designed for you:


CHF Canada’s partnership with The Co-operators offers great commercial insurance coverage tailored specifically to housing co-ops. Individual members can save money on personal contents and auto insurance too, with MemberGuard and AutoGuard.


This suite of investment solutions customized to (and owned by) Canada’s affordable housing sector ensures that your co-op receives expert knowledge from people who understand both the housing sector and the investment world.

Asset Management Services

CHF Canada’s Asset Management team helps you take the guesswork out of deciding what should get replaced, when and at what cost.


CHF Canada’s Refinancing Program helps co-ops renew and reimagine their buildings, with new credit union lending to finance replacements, renovations and improvements.