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Build More Co-op Housing

Build More Co-op Housing

Canada’s 92,000 co-op homes are the product of a unique partnership between community housing groups and governments.

Starting in the 1970s, governments invested in co-op housing programs through financial support and legislation. That investment will help serve Canada’s housing needs for generations.

But more needs to be done to help the 1.5 million Canadian households (or 3.3 million Canadians) in core housing need who are paying more than they can manage for suitable, adequate and affordable housing. The problem has become so acute that it not only affects low-income households, but also our middle class. Finding and keeping a job, raising a family, completing an education or aging with dignity are all impossible without a safe, affordable place to call home.

Did you know? More than three million Canadians are in core housing need.

Canada needs more permanent affordable housing options. And we need to ensure that existing social housing continues to accommodate as many low-income Canadians as possible.

CHF Canada recommends that the federal government:

  • continue to invest in urban infrastructure and affordable housing by enhancing existing programs and providing new rental housing incentives
  • adapt existing supply programs to encourage new co-op housing development across Canada
  • provide funding to test and scale innovative development and financing of co-op housing models across the country, and
  • ensure that vulnerable Canadians can continue to afford their co-op, non-profit and municipal housing after federal operating agreements end.

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