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Put Communities First (Ontario)

Put Communities First (Ontario)

Co-ops help create healthy, engaged communities, but they need an environment that empowers the board and members, and allows management to focus on the bricks and mortar of the buildings.

CHF Canada’s Ontario Region is actively engaged in the ongoing process of adapting and updating Ontario’s Long-term Affordable Housing Strategy so that the housing system works better for co-ops.

In 2015, we submitted recommendations in Putting Communities First: CHF Canada’s Submission for the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update.

The province has moved ahead on a few of our key recommendations in its Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update, including:

We are continuing to advocate for the province to:

  • help co-ops preserve their aging housing by supporting refinancing and capital reserve investments
  • follow through on commitments to simplify the rent-geared-to-income system, and
  • provide more balance to support local, housing provider-level decision-making.

Other documents

An Affordable Housing Plan for Ontario CHF Canada and ONPHA (May 2018)

Submission on inclusionary zoning Submission on the proposed regulations for inclusionary zoning (January 2018)

Affordable today. Affordable tomorrow. CHF Canada and ONPHA make the case for investing in co-op and non-profit housing.

A Place for Co-op Housing in Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Submission of the Ontario Region of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Jim Watson, for the original Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (November 2009)