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Key Dates

In May, we will email everyone who has registered for the Annual Meeting. It will include workshop confirmations and more information about the AGM.

November 12 Initial notice of meeting mailed to all co-ops
February 25 Registration begins

Full AGM program and workshop details available throughout the site

2018 AGM minutes available

March 11 Deadline for submitting AGM resolutions
April 24 Resolutions package: includes the resolutions sent to CHF Canada, including those for the Ontario Region. Make sure your delegate and any other members registered for the AGM get a copy of this information as soon as you receive it.

Annual report posted on the website

April 27 Audited financial statements and reports are available on request
May 15 Late fees apply
May 22 Participant newsletter with updates and information for registered participants is available upon request
June 3-7 Co-operative Management Conference
June 6-7 Member Education Forum
June 7 Annual Meeting of Ontario Members and Regional Meetings
June 8 National Business Meeting