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Member Education Forum

Thursday & Friday, June 6 – 7

Join us as we build the knowledge and skills needed to transform our shared vision of Co-op Housing for All into reality! Two days, six learning streams and over 40 workshop topics will engage co-op members and help ensure that our co-ops are sustainable, that we have a strong and inclusive co-op identity and that we continue to grow as a sector.

Be sure to check out the workshop learning streams to help you choose the right balance, and you’ll be on your way to sustaining the long-term viability of your co-op’s business and community. Whether you are new to your board, need a refresher or are interested in tackling emerging issues, we’ve got you covered! Come, meet and connect with co-operators from across Canada and leave inspired!

Learning Streams
Co-op Sustainability Co-op Identity Co-op Growth
Governance and Leadership Inclusive Co-op Communities Co-ops and Development
Running Your Co-op Co-op Principles and Advocacy
Planning and Environmental sustainability

The Co-op Sustainability: Planning and Environmental Sustainability stream is sponsored by Enbridge Gas Inc. 

Workshop Schedule  Download Workshop Materials