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Covid-19 Safety Information

As of March 21, Nova Scotia has eased its Covid-19 restrictions, lifting gathering limits, vaccination requirements and masking rules  This applies to our event venues so we will no longer require these precautions for CHF Canada’s Annual Meeting.

We continue to monitor the changing situation. If rules change again, we will communicate this in eNews, in emails to those registered, and on the Annual Meeting website.

Showing symptoms of Covid-19 during the conference? Please inform Annual Meeting registrar Marie Marin by phone, 1-855-867-6601.

Our Covid-19 Plan

The health and safety of event attendees is our top priority. Here’s how CHF Canada is working to ensure our Annual Meeting in June is safe.

  • We have developed an event plan that will guide all of our health and safety protocols, and we will adhere to public health guidelines in the planning of our event.
  • Our event plan will include on-site self-isolation protocols, and on-site signage that reinforces health and safety measures and much more.
  • The Halifax Convention Centre (HCC), where our conference will be held, has put in place a detailed health and safety plan that applies to both visitors and staff. You can read more about their approach to safely hosting events here. The majority of HCC employees are fully vaccinated however, they no longer require testing for those that aren’t.
  • The HCC has implemented enhanced and more frequent cleaning, monitoring and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and locations. All of its rooms have a fresh air controller set at a minimum of 20% fresh air, which introduces fresh air well above the required amount. For larger spaces, such as the Ballroom and Argyle Suite, 100% of the air is refreshed every three hours.

If you have any questions or comments about our plans to ensure a safe event, please reach out to Cynthia Mitchell, Program Manager, Membership & Events at or 1-800-465-2752 ext. 226.

Covid-19 Travel Info

As of January 2022, in order to travel within Canada by air or train, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. You’ll also need to:

  • be ready at any point in your journey to show your official proof of vaccination
  • have received your second dose at least 14 full days prior to the day you travel
  • have no signs or symptoms of Covid-19
  • follow public health advice, such as wear a mask.

Please note that the above conditions may be subject to change by the time of the conference. We will update this page as requirements change. 

For more information about travel requirements within Canada, please see the Government of Canada’s travel information.

Off-site Event Info

A few events take place offsite at different venues in Halifax.

In accordance with Nova Scotia’s Reopening Plan, all gathering limits, vaccination checks and mask requirements have been lifted at these venues except:

  • Coach Atlantic (co-op and sightseeing tour): masks are no longer required on the bus, but are recommended.

Please note that the above conditions are as of March 2022 and may be subject to change by the time of the conference. We will update this page as requirements change. 

Cancellation Policy

In the event that CHF Canada has to cancel the 2022 Halifax Annual Meeting as a result of Covid-19, extreme weather event or any other event that puts the health and safety of attendees at risk, refunds of registration costs will be provided in full.

If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 during the conference, you will need to follow Nova Scotia requirements which require immediate self-isolation until –

  1. a negative PCR test result, or
  2. two negative rapid test results: one taken immediately and the second taken 48 hours (two days) later.

Rapid tests will be provided by CHF Canada. PCR tests are available in Nova Scotia upon meeting certain criteria. Pro-rated registration refunds will be provided for isolation time. Full refunds will be provided to conference attendees who test positive up to one week before the conference begins