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Call for candidates

For members who are interested in running, but are uncertain what is involved before and after the election, watch a recording of an online information session

Region Elections (one-, two- and three-year positions)

  • One (1) director elected by members in British Columbia/Yukon
  • One (1) director elected by members in Alberta/Northwest Territories
  • One (1) director elected by members in Saskatchewan/Manitoba
  • Three (3) directors elected by members in Ontario
  • One (1) director elected by members in Quebec/Nunavut
  • One (1) director elected by members in Nova Scotia/Newfoundland and Labrador
  • One (1) director elected by members in New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island

Elected by an electronic vote (during the period of April 1-21, 2024).

The nomination deadline is 5 p.m. Eastern time on March 15, 2024. 

Names of candidates will be posted as they are received – click here for candidate names and bios

At-large Elections

There are four (4) positions up for election at the 2024 Annual Meeting (one-, two- and three-year terms). We’re looking for candidates with knowledge and experience in the co-op housing sector, financial literacy, leadership and communication skills and a diversity of lived experiences.

Elected at the National Business Meeting in Winnipeg, MB

The nomination deadline is 5 p.m. Eastern time on April 30, 2024. 

Names of candidates will be posted as they are received – click here for candidate names and bios

Finance and Audit Committee

One (1) At-large Committee Member (three-year position).  We’re looking for Candidates with skills and experience in financial literacy.

Elected at the National Business Meeting in Winnipeg, MB

The nomination deadline is 5 p.m. Eastern time on March 15, 2024. 

Names of candidates will be posted as they are received.

For more information, contact Christine Seguin at the CHF Canada office by email or by phone toll-free at 1-800-465-2752 or (613) 230-2201 in Ottawa, ext. 235. You may also contact members of the Nominations Committee via email:

  • April Ager-White (Director, Indigenous Community), London, ON
  • John Bathurst (At-large Director), Burnaby, BC
  • Lee Campbell (At-large Director), Halifax, NS
  • Isabel Ciok (Regional Director, Alberta/NWT), Calgary, AB



To put your name forward, download:

Scan and email the completed declaration form and the confirmation of good standing form by the nomination deadline noted above to CHF Canada’s Corporate Secretary, Christine Seguin.


Who can run?

CHF Canada is a dynamic national association looking for people to represent members and key stakeholders to participate in the governance of a strong federation driven by co-operative values. CHF Canada has over 900 member co-ops, along with regional federations, co-op management companies, staff associations, and many other stakeholder organizations in all parts of Canada.

CHF Canada needs strong leaders, and it starts with you! Here are some of the qualities CHF Canada looks for:

  • Commitment to CHF Canada and the wider co-op movement;
  • Integrity, honesty, effective listening and communication, collaboration, negotiation and innovative thinking;
  • Skill and experience in areas such as financial literacy, strategic planning, governance and knowledge of the co-op housing sector; and
  • A diversity of lived experiences. People with experience of poverty or homelessness, people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities and people of all ages and cultural and religious backgrounds bring vital knowledge, perspective and community connections to our organization.

We strongly encourage people from historically underrepresented groups to run, and we commit to making sure your experience is safe and welcoming. We also feel it is very important for our younger members to help lead our movement, so we strongly encourage emerging leaders to consider running for election.

A full listing of desired skills, experience and personal attributes for candidates is available here.

It’s important to note that this list is not intended to put restrictions on eligible candidates.  We recognize that individuals develop skills and experience in many ways both formal and informal through education and training, work experience and community experience. CHF Canada does not expect that candidates will possess every single attribute and skillset, but that the Board of Directors works as a whole to possess a composite of many of these skills and attributes.


What to Expect

Regional and At-large Directors

  • the Board of Directors routinely meets four times per year (in person and virtually). Meetings generally occur at the end of a week and continue onto a Saturday
  • additional email or Zoom meetings are held throughout the year as needed
  • more information on a director’s duties and responsibilities are here

Finance and Audit Committee At-large Member

  • the Committee usually meets two times per year (once in the spring and again in the fall)
  • more information on the Committee’s duties and responsibilities are in the Terms of Reference



Regional Elections

All regional positions will be elected online between April 1 to 21, 2024.  Co-ops in these regions will elect their regional director by using an electronic voting system and will be contacted separately about how to vote.

At-Large Directors and Finance and Audit Committee

Delegates attending the meeting in-person will use voting keypads for elections and resolutions at the National Business Meeting. Delegates attending virtually will vote online.