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2017 Renewal

Each year, CHF Canada sends participating co-ops a full report of any changes to the costs and benefits of the Commercial Insurance Program.

Highlights of the 2017 renewal

  • Average increase of 4%.
  • Fewer claims – always good news! Risk management pays off, keeping insurance costs down and co-ops safe.
  • Higher limits of coverage available for certain items.

Saving your co-op money is still key

  • Claims-free accident forgiveness coverage (at no extra cost). Co-ops that made no claims in the past five years will continue to qualify for this coverage. When you do make a first claim, it’s forgiven; it won’t count towards your loss ratio or affect your discount or surcharge.
  • Increase your deductible by $2,500 and save 10% on your property rate. Increase by $5,000 and save 15%. Ask us how!

Co-operators agents are ready to help

  • When a Loss Control Inspector makes recommendations for loss prevention, please  promptly inform your Co-operators representative. It’s important to let them know what action has been taken or when improvements will be implemented.
  • Each year, a representative from the Co-operators will contact you for an annual review. Please respond to The Co-operators recommendations, as this will help keep your coverage and premium accurate.


If you have specific questions about your co‑op’s insurance coverage, please contact your Co‑operators representative. If you have program questions, contact Linda Stephenson at lstephenson@chfcanada.coop or 1-800-465-2752, ext. 234