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CHF Canada’s Role

CHF Canada’s Refinancing Program is a member service and is the exclusive gateway to the program. Housing co‑ops participating in the program must be CHF Canada members, as well as members of their local or provincial co‑op housing federation, where they exist.

We connect your co‑op to the credit union providing the loan, help you submit your application, and provide support and expertise through every step in the process. This includes:

  • helping to identify what repairs or renovations are needed and how much they will cost
  • offering financial advice on how much debt the co‑op can handle and comfortably borrow
  • preparing the application to the credit union
  • reviewing the credit union’s offer with the co‑op and negotiating any desired changes, and
  • helping the co‑op handle the paperwork required to secure the loan.

Once the loan is obtained, we check in every year to ensure that the co‑op’s finances are healthy to repay the loan, to verify that the reserves and the buildings are maintained, and to help you deal with any issues that arise.

CHF Canada’s refinancing team

CHF Canada’s Refinancing Program is managed by a team with extensive experience and expertise in financial services and co‑operative housing.

Linda Stephenson is CHF Canada’s Manager, Corporate Services, and has worked for CHF Canada for over 30 years. Linda is also responsible for the national insurance programs offered to co‑ops and now manages the refinancing program.

Dave Howard joined CHF Canada as full-time Refinancing Program Manager in February, 2017. He has been very involved in co‑operative housing for close to 25 years, including 10 years with the Agency for Co‑operative Housing. His time with the Agency has afforded him a unique opportunity to develop strong and lasting relationships within the sector and has given him a strong sense of what matters to co‑ops.

CHF Canada’s refinancing financial consultants

In addition to Dave Howard, CHF Canada has engaged a team of top-level outside financial consultants, all experienced in social purpose lending through Canada’s credit unions. ‎The consultants are located in Ottawa, Toronto and London, Ont., but travel across Canada to meet members’ needs.

For more information, please contact Dave Howard at 1-800-268-2537 or dhoward@chfcanada.coop.