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Virtual MEF Series: Conflict Management and Problem Solving WEBINAR

Part of the Virtual Member Education Forum (V-MEF) Webinar Series: June 15 – 30, 2020

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Conflict Management and Problem-Solving – WEBINAR

2:00 – 4:00 pm ET

This webinar will explore why conflicts escalate and how our reactions, perceptions, biases and attitudes contribute to conflict.

You will receive tools for understanding and deescalating conflict through active-listening strategies and approaches for more constructive dialogue.

You will learn how sometimes being right can be wrong and examine practices and strategies to avoid conflict, to improve communication and to encourage co-operation. A variety of scenarios from the co-op sector will be used for demonstrations and practice.

Presenter: Shawn Conway

Shawn Conway is a qualified mediator and consultant for CHF Canada, with many years’ experience in communities and housing co-operatives.


Note that:

If you have registered a voting Delegate for the Virtual AGM on June 13th, your co-op is entitled to two complimentary webinars!

There is one registration form for all the webinars, you just select the ones you want from the list. You may register up to two members of your co-op in each webinar.

You should review all available webinar options and consult with each participant prior to registration.

All sessions will be in English.

Please note: Members of member Co-ops will get free access to our educational resources once registration is complete.