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Housing co-ops launch federal election campaign to “Include Co-op” in Canada’s housing mix

For Immediate Release (Ottawa, July 6, 2019) – Today, on the International Day of Co-operatives, Canada’s housing co-ops launched the “Include Co-op” awareness campaign in support of co-op housing development.

The need to create more affordable housing from coast-to-coast is urgent and increasing, with surveys showing that several cities in Canada rank amongst the world’s least affordable housing markets. To help solve these housing issues, Canadian’s need a modern housing mix of options including co-op housing.

Housing co-ops are member-owned and controlled organizations. Rents are set by members to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the co-op. Residents won’t be evicted because a landlord wants to renovate, and a family won’t be forced to move due to unreasonable rent increases. Co-ops are also strong, diverse communities, resulting in many other benefits to residents and surrounding neighbourhoods.

“Too often, we think of two options when it comes to housing options: renting or buying. We see co-op housing as another choice that offers people an opportunity to get ahead, have control and live affordably.” said Tim Ross, Executive Director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada).

The main feature of the campaign launched today is an “Include Co-op” website explaining co-op housing and featuring stories about successful co-ops and their members. “We want more Canadians to understand what it means to live in a housing co-op, and why political parties of all stripes must commit to take action to solve the lack of affordable housing in Canada,” said Ross.

“Our shared vision of ‘Co-op Housing for All’ means that any Canadian who would like to call a co-op home should be able to do so, and our sector is ready to bring resources to the table in partnership with governments to make it happen,” said CHF Canada President, Frank Wheeler.

CHF Canada is the national non-partisan voice of the Canadian co-operative housing movement. Its members include over 900 non-profit housing co-operatives and other organizations across Canada.  More than a quarter of a million Canadians live in housing co-ops, in every province and territory.


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