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Minister Morneau brings welcome relief to federal co-ops and their low-income members who faced the loss of rent subsidy funding

Toronto, Ontario, April 22, 2016 -The co‑op housing sector was pleased to welcome The Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, to the Hugh Garner Housing Co‑op and hear him reiterate his firm support of Canada’s housing co‑ops.

At the announcement the Minister highlighted the $30 million reallocated in the budget to ensure that federally-administered social housing providers like Hugh Garner, whose long-term operating agreements have ended or are ending soon, can continue to provide income-tested assistance to low-income households over the next two years.

Hugh Garner is a non-profit housing co‑op in Minister Morneau’s riding of Toronto Centre. Of the 181 units, 62 households receive income-tested assistance, funded by the federal government, to help pay their rent. Before the release of the 2016 Budget, those 62 households were in danger of losing this assistance that they depend on to afford their homes, when the co‑op’s federal operating agreement expires in 2017.

In his visit to the co‑op, the Minister said, “every time I visit Hugh Garner Housing Co‑op, I am always struck by the strength of the community… I know uncertainty has been hard for co‑ops, especially those whose long-term operating agreements have ended, and I want you to know the government stands with you and will be a reliable partner.”


“This assistance is a huge relief to our members whose operating agreements have ended, or will end in the very near future. It will help hundreds of vulnerable co‑op members across Toronto stay in their homes. We look forward to working with Minister Morneau and his colleague, Minister Duclos, on a long-term solution so that these households are protected after 2017, and so these good-quality, affordable homes continue to be available in this City where there is such overwhelming need.”

  • Tom Clement, Executive Director, Co‑operative Housing Federation of Toronto

“Minister Morneau has shown tremendous leadership on affordable housing, and on this issue. He has taken a deep personal interest, and is the first Minister of Finance in recent memory to champion the importance of affordable housing, both for the economy, and for people’s ability to take part in it. We sincerely appreciate his commitment and dedication, and look forward to working with him on this critical issue for our members.”

  • Harvey Cooper, Managing Director, Co‑operative Housing Federation of Canada Ontario Region

CHF Canada Ontario Region is the voice of Ontario’s co‑operative housing movement. Its members include over 500 non-profit housing co‑operatives and other organizations across the province. More than 125,000 Ontarians live in housing co‑ops, in every region of the province.

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Tom Clement, Executive Director, Co‑operative Housing Federation of Toronto