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Resolution R1: Co‑op Housing Makes a Difference

MOVED BY: Ontario Council


Dale Reagan
Managing Director, Ontario Region
720 Spadina Ave. #313
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9
Tel: 1-800-268-2537


  • THAT the Ontario Region get ready for a provincial election that could come in the weeks or months ahead if the minority Liberal government is defeated, and provide resources to promote and support co-op engagement in an election campaign;
  • THAT, as in the last election, the Ontario Region focus the campaign on the theme “Co-op Housing Makes a Difference”, highlighting the special benefits that come with the co-op form of housing and the need for government to take steps to support the successful operation of existing co-ops, and the development of more co-op homes;
  • THAT, in the campaign, we call on all political parties, if they win the election, to commit to supporting existing co-ops and to addressing the lack of co-op development, and the chronic shortage of affordable housing generally, and housing affordability, by:
    • finally passing eviction law reform legislation, if it hasn’t happened before the election;
    • making a commitment to enhanced support for co-op housing as a key part of its affordable housing strategy and to working with the Ontario Region to find creative ways to deliver on the promise;
    • pressing the federal government to commit to long-term, cost-shared funding for:
      • rent supplements in co-ops and non-profits with expiring operating agreements;
      • the construction of new affordable housing; and
      • renovation of existing co-ops and non-profits;
    • committing provincial funding to these long-term, cost-shared programs;
    • taking other steps to lever the development of more co-op and non-profit housing, and address issues of housing affordability, such as making government land available, allowing municipalities to pass inclusionary zoning by-laws, and making affordable housing eligible for government infrastructure programs;
    • putting in place a program through Infrastructure Ontario to allow municipally administered co-ops to borrow additional funds at reduced rates for urgently needed capital repairs to preserve and modernize their housing;
    • working with other organizations and supporting their efforts to implement a Universal Housing Benefit
  • AND THAT Ontario members commit to becoming active in the campaign when it comes and playing their part in sending the message to candidates that Co-op Housing Makes a Difference and needs to be part of the next government’s plan to address the affordable housing shortfall in Ontario and ensure that existing co-ops continue to be successful.

Adopted as presented