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We’re committed to two-way communication with Ontario Region members. We update housing co-ops, federations and other members about important issues in Ontario. And we listen when we hear back from them.

Keeping you informed

Some of the links below may only be available to members.

Ontario Region eALERT

This electronic newsletter is sent to our member co-ops. eALERTS go to provincially funded co-ops when the information is only about their provincial programs. We send the eALERT to all our members when the information affects all Ontario co-ops.

Ontario Region Co-op Housing News

This electronic newsletter is for Ontario’s municipal service managers. We keep them up-to-date on issues concerning the co-op housing sector.

Ontario Region Media Releases

Our media releases keep Ontario members informed of the latest breaking news.

Meeting in person

Regional meetings

Ontario Council members and staff regularly attend meetings, workshops and events of regional federations across the province. We also visit co-ops for anniversaries and other special events.

Invite us to your co-op event and come say hi.

Ontario Members’ Meeting

This is the big event of the year. It’s a great opportunity for our members to connect with one another, Council members and staff. Be sure to have your co-op put aside funds to attend; delegates and co-op managers take workshops and return home with lots of great resources and information to share.

Ontario Region office

Toll-free: 1-800-268-2537
Email: ontario@chfcanada.coop

Connecting on social media

We connect every day with co-op staff, co-op members, federations and the broader co-op community. We also connect with politicians on issues of interest to our members. Join the conversation.

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Is your co-op on Facebook? If not, ask to put it on the agenda for discussion at a members’ meeting. Then let’s meet up online.