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What is the Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation (GHCHF)?

GHCHF was founded in 1986 (under another name) to serve and represent the housing co‑ops of Hamilton. In 1994 it began to add members from the Niagara Peninsula. There are about 40 member co‑ops.

GHCHF is a founding member of Ontario Co-op Housing Federations. A staff member represents GHCHF on CHF Canada’s Federations Committee.

How is GHCHF run?

GHCHF is governed by a board of nine directors. The federation employs one full-time staff member.

Member services include: 

  • accommodation referrals for members of the public looking for co‑op housing
  • advocacy and support
  • Co‑op Cost Cutters bulk purchase program
  • chairing of meetings
  • CHIP, a banking pool for members through which co‑ops earn a higher rate of interest
  • introductory meetings for new members of co‑ops
  • newsletter
  • resource library
  • special events
  • toll-free telephone calls to the federation
  • mediation
  • education events for managers and members with trained facilitators, and
  • lobbying activities with CHF Canada on behalf of GHCHF members.

How can I contact GHCHF?

Unit 1A– 36 Keefer Court
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 4V4

Phone: (905) 561-2667
Fax: (905) 561-1153
Email: ghchf@primus.ca

For more information please visit the GHCHF website.