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National Education Committee

National Education Committee

The National Education Committee (NEC) is comprised of representatives of co-operative housing federations and associations across Canada.

We work collaboratively to advance our shared goal of better education opportunities for housing co‐op boards & general members, staff and managers, and members of the public interested in co-operative housing.

We started this collaborative work with our grant-funded Community Housing Transformation Centre Project: Co-operative Housing Sector Education Transformation (CHSET) from 2021 – 2024

We continue to work together on shared priorities, which include:

  1. Co-op housing educator recruitment, training and professional development – check out our educator page for upcoming opportunities
  2. Online learning – check out our Online learning page for more information!
  3. Current contemporary issues in co-operative housing which includes equity, diversity and inclusion, climate change and digital literacy

National Education Committee members:


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