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CHF Canada’s federal budget recommendations highlight the need for more co-op housing

CHF Canada’s federal budget recommendations highlight the need for more co-op housingMarch 04

CHF Canada’s budget recommendations to the federal government primarily highlights the need for new, dedicated...

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Housing Co-ops and COVID-19

Housing Co-ops and COVID-19March 17

Updated April 12, 2021 At your housing co-op CHF Canada events CHF Canada member services...

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New Resource: Democracy during pandemics 

New Resource: Democracy during pandemics April 07

Member decision-making through democratic means is central to the housing co-op movement (International Co-op Principle...

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Kingston Co-op expansion: how members drove new development

Kingston Co-op expansion: how members drove new developmentApril 07

Here’s a lesson for housing co-ops everywhere: when opportunity knocks, it’s worth answering. Kingston Co-operative...

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New Regional Energy Coach Irfaan Hasham can help your co-op improve energy efficiency

New Regional Energy Coach Irfaan Hasham can help your co-op improve energy efficiencyApril 07

We know that housing co-ops care deeply about sustainability and doing their part to make...

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Solidarity with Canada’s Asian communities

Solidarity with Canada’s Asian communitiesApril 01

CHF Canada stands with the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto in support of and solidarity...

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Success Stories and Social Feed

Success Stories

Innovative. Diverse. Democratic.
Find out why 250,000 people in Canada call housing co-ops home.

  • Stanley Knowles Co-op
    Stanley Knowles Co-op
    Toronto seniors enjoy a diverse community
    Flanked by condo towers in the dynamic Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood of Toronto, the co-op’s 103 units are home to a diverse community, 2/3 of whom are seniors.
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  • Fraserview Co-op
    Fraserview Co-op
    Beautiful new riverside co-op helps address Vancouver’s housing crunch.
    Developed in partnership with the City, this innovative project will provide affordable community housing desperately needed in a region with sky-high rents and real estate.
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  • Sundance Housing Co-op
    Sundance Housing Co-op
    Dedicated to sustainable living
    After operating for more than 40 years, this Edmonton co-op has begun a deep energy retrofit project.
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  • Tamil Co-operative Homes
    Tamil Co-operative Homes
    Community Spirit
    Once a haven for Tamil refugees, today this co-op welcomes immigrants from many countries and is considered not just an affordable stop but a permanent home.
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  • Unified Saint John Housing Co-op
    Unified Saint John Housing Co-op
    Co-operation Among Co-ops – Mergers
    The biggest merger in Canadian co-op housing history began with the desire for a stronger voice, financial sustainability and more opportunities for engagement.
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  • Hugh Garner Housing Co-op
    Hugh Garner Housing Co-op
    Planning and Advocacy
    This forward-looking community engaged politicians, ministers and other decision-makers to the benefit of thousands of housing co-op members across the country.
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"Advocates believe that more co-living — such as group-owned houses, co-ops, rentals with common kitchens and workspaces, communes and co-housing communities — can diversify urban housing options and increase affordability." https://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/why-don-t-we-live-together-alternative-housing-in-a-hot-realty-market-1.5979554

He grew up in social (co-op) housing. He wanted to see for himself what it was like to be homeless. He has devoted himself to building better housing for those that need it. It's not the long-term solution we need, but so much respect to Khaleel Seivwright https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/16/world/canada/khaleel-seivwright-toronto-homeless.html?smid=tw-share

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CHF Canada
CHF Canada's Greener Co-op Microgrants supported Kabuki Co-op's long-term effort to rebuild their gardens as raised beds. Each of the eight units now has access to their own garden bed, as well as a shared plot for strawberries. Thanks to the grant, organic soil supplemented with horse manure was provided for all of the members. The group decided to seed the pathways between the raised beds with grass and purchase a grass trimmer to maintain the growth. The co-op replaced the garden hose reel and bought new tables for the yard to provide a place for members to have BBQ suppers during the summer.Learn more about Greener Co-op Microgrants: chfcanada.coop/about-us/awards-grants-and-scholarships/greener-co-op-microgrants/ ... See MoreSee Less
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