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Housing Co-ops and COVID-19

Housing Co-ops and COVID-19March 17

Updated September 11, 2020 At your housing co-op CHF Canada events CHF Canada member services...

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Election reminder: All Board seats open in 2021

Election reminder: All Board seats open in 2021January 13

In accordance with governance changes ratified at CHF Canada’s 2020 AGM in June, all CHF...

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We’ve updated our Atlantic Region webpage

We’ve updated our Atlantic Region webpageJanuary 13

We understand that 2020 was a challenging and uncertain year, and CHF Canada’s Atlantic Region...

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Kingston Co-op to add 38 new units

Kingston Co-op to add 38 new unitsJanuary 13

The members of Kingston Co-operative Homes voted to contribute $1.3 million to the development of...

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Closing out 2020: Stay safe, strong and kind!

Closing out 2020: Stay safe, strong and kind!December 16

At the beginning of 2020, none of us could have expected how this year would...

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Success Stories and Social Feed

Success Stories

Innovative. Diverse. Democratic.
Find out why 250,000 people in Canada call housing co-ops home.

  • Stanley Knowles Co-op
    Stanley Knowles Co-op
    Toronto seniors enjoy a diverse community
    Flanked by condo towers in the dynamic Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood of Toronto, the co-op’s 103 units are home to a diverse community, 2/3 of whom are seniors.
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  • Fraserview Co-op
    Fraserview Co-op
    Beautiful new riverside co-op helps address Vancouver’s housing crunch.
    Developed in partnership with the City, this innovative project will provide affordable community housing desperately needed in a region with sky-high rents and real estate.
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  • Sundance Housing Co-op
    Sundance Housing Co-op
    Dedicated to sustainable living
    After operating for more than 40 years, this Edmonton co-op has begun a deep energy retrofit project.
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  • Tamil Co-operative Homes
    Tamil Co-operative Homes
    Community Spirit
    Once a haven for Tamil refugees, today this co-op welcomes immigrants from many countries and is considered not just an affordable stop but a permanent home.
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  • Unified Saint John Housing Co-op
    Unified Saint John Housing Co-op
    Co-operation Among Co-ops – Mergers
    The biggest merger in Canadian co-op housing history began with the desire for a stronger voice, financial sustainability and more opportunities for engagement.
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  • Hugh Garner Housing Co-op
    Hugh Garner Housing Co-op
    Planning and Advocacy
    This forward-looking community engaged politicians, ministers and other decision-makers to the benefit of thousands of housing co-op members across the country.
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All 16 seats on our Board are up for election this year! Please think about running, and talk to people in your co-op you think would make a good addition to CHF Canada's governance. https://chfcanada.coop/election-reminder-all-board-seats-open-in-2021/

With help from @TOenviro, Windmill Line Housing Co-op introduced a project to collect used cooking oil.

This not only saves on plumbing costs for the co-op, but also allows the oil to be picked up by a company that recycles it, to reduce waste.