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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Are you looking to make your co-op homes energy efficient?

Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits to your homes, from the clear environmental and financial benefits of saving on energy costs to potential improvements in making your homes more comfortable and sustainable.

CHF Canada can assist you to identify the best opportunities in conserving energy:

  • Procure an energy audit to assess your home’s energy efficiency and recommend improvements.
  • Connect you with agencies and utility companies to provide free upgrades and rebates for making your home energy efficient.
  • Connect you with a Regional Energy Coach. CHF Canada has teamed up with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to provide energy coaches across Canada to assist co-ops to start and plan energy-efficient retrofits and apply to FCM’s Green Municipal Fund.
Workshop participants

Future Energy Workshop, October 19, 2018, Windmill Line Co-op. Joint collaboration between CHF Canada, The Agency for Co-operative Housing, and CoAction


  • Have a look at the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s Guide for Affordable Housing Providers. The guide will help you understand the impact of energy conservation for those living in affordable housing. Read the guide and get started on your energy project today!

For additional resources on local distribution companies offering energy efficient incentives, please visit these websites:



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For more information, contact Catherine Cummings at ccummings@chfcanada.coop or 1-800-465-2752 ext. 246.