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Atlantic Region

Cornerstone Housing Co-op, Moncton, NB

Cornerstone Housing Co-op, Moncton, NB

Welcome to the Atlantic Region of CHF Canada

The Atlantic Region Office, located in Nova Scotia, provides housing co-operatives with the supports they need to operate successfully in all four Atlantic Provinces.

It represents 105 member housing co-operatives managing over 2800 households. Housing co-ops and other types of co-operatives have a long history in the Atlantic provinces.

Services in the Atlantic Region

CHF Canada provides services to its members in each of the provinces, such as:

Fact sheets on COVID-19 and housing co-ops in your province:


By breaking down barriers for our more vulnerable population, we are not only saying we are inclusive, but are actively welcoming everyone, and being mindful that our members are as unique as each housing co-op in Canada. - Krista Campbell, 2020 Atlantic Region Diversity Scholarship Recipient

Contact CHF Canada’s Atlantic Region office

Karen Brodeur, Regional Manager, Atlantic

866-213-2667 ext. 801 (toll-free)

Cathy Volans, Co-ordinator, Co-operative and Planning Services, Atlantic

866-213-2667 ext. 802 (toll-free)

Jaclyn Johnston, Co-ordinator, Atlantic Region

866-213-2667 ext. 803 (toll-free)


P.O. Box 25031

Truro, NS B2N 7B8

Phone: 902-423-7119
Toll-free: 1-866-213-2667

Visit CHF Canada’s list of related sites for links to websites of provincial and federal governments, housing departments and agencies, legislation and other areas of interest to housing co‑ops in the Atlantic region.