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Personal contents and liability insurance for individual members of housing co-ops

Protect yourself and the contents of your home from the unexpected.

Your personal belongings, the contents of your home, and personal liability need their own coverage.

MemberGuard is a personal contents insurance program designed for members of housing co-ops.

It guards you against the financial hardship of having to replace your belongings due to fire, theft, water damage or other unfortunate incidents, including protection if you are held personally liable to another person for injury or property damage.

MemberGuard covers the full replacement value of everything you own, so you’re getting complete coverage at the best possible rates.

Important reasons to have a Memberguard policy:

  1. Better protection at a better price. MemberGuard can offer better rates to co-op members because it’s a CHF Canada group insurance program. CHF Canada uses the buying power of over 900 members and 55,000 co-op homes to secure the best possible coverage at special rates for members. And with MemberGuard, your coverage includes $1,000,000 in personal liability protection.
  2. Get complete coverage, and peace of mind. MemberGuard covers the full replacement value of everything you own: not just large appliances and furniture, but the small things you value that would cost a lot to replace, like your clothes or electronics. MemberGuard also includes personal liability insurance to protect you in case you are found responsible for accidental injury to another person or damage to their property.
  3. Protection you can trust from people you trust. MemberGuard is brought to you by Co-operators Group of Companies. For the last 25 years, CHF Canada and Co-operators have worked together to offer members exceptional insurance programs. This “co-operation among cooperatives” guarantees you get superior coverage at low, co-operative rates.

Your friendly, knowledgeable MemberGuard representative has the answers.

Call Co-operators today to find out more and get a free, no-obligation quote, at 1-888-312-1118.