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Vision: Co-op Housing for All

As Canada’s co-op housing movement moves past the half century mark – we face new challenges and opportunities.

Canada is in the midst of a devastating housing crisis, coupled with health and environmental crises. Meanwhile, co-op housing offers an inclusive, affordable, community housing solution that can help address these issues and more.

But how to ensure co-ops are secure well into the future – and how to make co-op housing an option for all those interested – so that co-op housing is a key part of solving the housing crisis, through affordability, sustainability, and community, is where the co-op housing movement is concentrating its efforts.

Housing co-ops and sector organizations deliberated these key questions as part of regional meetings and a national Vision Summit. The result was a CHF Canada member resolution in 2018 outlining a Co-operative Housing for All vision for the sector.

What does Co-op Housing for All mean?

Co-op Housing for All is an exciting commitment by housing co-ops and sector organizations to work together towards sustainability and growth. It’s about ensuring co-ops are secure well into the future and developing more co-op homes so that anyone interested in co-op housing and willing to accept the responsibilities and benefits of membership can do so.

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Why is this important?

Members have spoken and have said that the co-operative housing members and the sector need:

  • More co-op homes that are affordable, energy-efficient, and meet changing member needs.
  • Greater financial and operational resilience.
  • Improved building conditions and quality of life.
  • Strong and stable governance and management.
  • Increased public awareness and investment in co-op housing across Canada.

How can my co-op get involved?

Here’s how you can be a part of Co-op Housing for All:

Together, let’s make the next half century focused on strengthening and growing the co-operative housing movement!