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Staff Associations

Staff Associations

Historically, Ontario co-ops were employers of their own staff. Today, many housing co-ops still directly hire their own staff, while others use property management companies.

Staff are valued as partners in the creation of a co-op’s vibrant and inclusive community life. Co-op employees have organized themselves into regional incorporated associations or more casual networking groups.

Staff associations

  • fund their work through annual member dues and fees for service
  • offer mutual support and share information
  • provide a range of services, such as training and legal advice
  • are active members in local federations and CHF Canada

CHF Canada has tools and training to help co‑ops in their role as employers and staff in their role as employees.

CHF Canada provides financial support to staff associations for their education, training and marketing purposes.

Co-ordinators Association of Southwestern Ontario (CASO)

Co‑operative Housing Co-ordinators Hamilton-Niagara Area (CHCHNA)

CoAction Staff Association (CoAction)

Co‑operative Staff Association of Central Ontario (CSACO)