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Building new co-op homes

Building new co-op homes

CHF Canada is helping build more co-op homes across Canada.

A quarter million people live in thriving co-op housing communities; but most have long or closed waiting lists. We want all Canadians to have the option of living in a housing co-op.

In 2017 the Canadian government released the National Housing Strategy.

In 2018 CHF Canada’s members approved a Vision Framework with a simple ambitious goal: Co-op housing for all.

The Framework commits CHF Canada and our members across Canada to pursue:

  • Co-op-led  development (existing co-ops adding new co-op homes through infill or expansion)
  • Sector-led development (new housing co-ops developed by land trusts and partnerships).

In 2022, the federal government announced funding to create a Co-operative Housing Development Program.

CHF Canada’s role in development

Unified Saint John opened 14 new co-op homes in January 2021

  • CHF Canada is advocating for better opportunities to develop and expand housing co-ops;
  • We are forging relationships with sector organizations (see sector-led stories, below), and
  • We developed a list of technical professionals to help co-ops that want to build new co-op homes. These consultants are offering preferred pricing for our members. Learn more here. If your co-op needs technical assistance, contact us (below).

For more information, contact:

Jessica Bundy  Co-ordinator / Co-operative Housing Development
1-800-268-2537 ext 801


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