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Vehicle insurance for individual members of housing co-ops

Individual co-op members can get great protection for their vehicles at a better price with Co-operators Autoguard policies.

CHF Canada has sponsored group insurance for its member co-ops for almost two decades. When co-op members said they needed vehicle insurance they could rely on, Co-operators listened. Today, we’re proud to include AutoGuard in our package of insurance services for our members.

Important reasons you should join:

  1. AutoGuard can save you money. As a member of your housing co-op, you may be eligible for discounts on AutoGuard’s already competitive rates if:
    • You also have MemberGuard®
    • You’re insuring more than one vehicle
    • You have a short daily drive to work
  2. Fast and fair settlements. With Co-operators expert claims service, you can rest assured that they will process your claims quickly and fairly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Protection you can trust from people you trust. AutoGuard is brought to you by Co-operators. For the last 40 years, CHF Canada and Co-operators have worked together to offer members exceptional insurance programs. This “co-operation among co-operatives” guarantees you get superior coverage at low, co-operative rates.

Your friendly, knowledgeable AutoGuard representative has the answers.

Call Co-operators today to find out more and get a free, no-obligation quote. 1-888-312-1118