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About Ontario Region

About Ontario Region

We focus on provincial matters that affect Ontario Region members. We provide services to co-ops and do government relations work.

Co-op Services

We promote the successful operation of housing co-ops in Ontario by providing:

Government Relations

As the voice of co-op housing in Ontario, we:

  • defend the interests of member co-ops by working with the government and MPPs of all parties;
  • work with regional federations to help co-ops build links with municipal governments, and
  • promote the growth of co-op housing in Ontario.

How Ontario Region works

  • Member delegates elect the Ontario Council at our annual meeting.
  • Members give direction to the Council.
  • The Ontario Council governs the Ontario Region.
  • Ontario Region staff support the Council and provide direct services to Ontario members.

Check out our communications and media releases to learn more about what we’re doing.