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Co-operative Housing in Ontario

Co-operative Housing in Ontario

Some 125,000 people live in more than 550 non-profit housing co‑ops across Ontario. More than nine out of 10 co‑ops in the province have joined CHF Canada.

Co‑ops are located in large cities and small communities. There are housing co‑ops in 95 of the province’s 107 political ridings.

Housing co‑ops come under the Ontario Co‑operative Corporations Act, which sets out rules common to all kinds of co‑ops and governs the relationship between housing co‑ops and their member-occupants.

About half of the co‑ops in Ontario were developed under federal government programs. They operate under rules contained in an operating agreement signed with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and administered by the Agency for Co‑operative Housing.

The remaining co‑ops were developed under provincial housing programs and follow operating rules in the Housing Services Act. The Act is administered by municipal service managers. There are co‑ops in 31 of the 47 municipal service manager areas across the province. For more information, see Funding programs in Resources.

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