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CHF Canada member housing co-ops in Alberta receive these services and benefits:

  • advocacy
  • advice
  • commercial insurance programs and MemberGuard contents insurance, and
  • all the other CHF Canada services.

CHF Canada also works with and supports the regional co-op housing associations in Northern Alberta (NACHA) and Southern Alberta (SACHA), which provide local services and networking opportunities to co-ops in these regions.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba – CHF Canada Prairies office

The Prairies office offers these services to CHF Canada members in Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

Fact sheets on COVID-19 and housing co-ops in your province:

Contact CHF Canada Prairies office

Maria Vaiaso, Program Manager
PO Box 30132 Westview
Saskatoon, SK  S7L 7M6
Phone: 778-327-5952

Visit CHF Canada’s list of related sites for websites of provincial and federal governments, housing departments and agencies, legislation and other areas of interest to housing co‑ops in the Prairies.