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Diversity Scholarships

Diversity Scholarships

Why a Diversity Scholarship?

CHF Canada recognizes that the strength of its membership is in the many cultures and identities represented within Canada’s housing co‑ops. CHF Canada has joined with regional federations across the country to recognize and support young people living in housing co-ops who are actively promoting diversity in their community. The goal of the Diversity Scholarship program is to financially support emerging leaders of the co‑op housing movement in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

Who can apply?

Scholarships are available to young members (under the age of 30) of CHF Canada member housing co-ops in Manitoba, Southwestern Ontario and Nova Scotia. For full eligibility requirements, please download the application when it becomes available in November. Diversity scholarships are also available through the following regional federations: CHFT, PHCHF, GHCHF, COCHF, CHASEO and CHF BC.

What programs of study are covered?

Scholarships will be awarded to recipients entering post-secondary education or to full-time students currently pursuing a degree.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application form by March 4, 2019:

2019 Manitoba Diversity Scholarship Application

2019 Southwestern Ontario Diversity Scholarship Application

2019 Nova Scotia Diversity Scholarship Application


Nova Scotia
Cathy Volans
Co-ordinator, Co‑operative Services (Atlantic)
1 (866) 213-2667

Southwestern Ontario
Denise McGahan
Program Manager, Member Services
1 (800) 644-3949

Emily Doyle
Program Manager, Special Projects
1 (800) 268-2537 ext. 227