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Welcome to the Co‑operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) Media Centre!

Here you’ll find our media releases, facts and stories about co‑op housing, and what other media are saying about CHF Canada and housing co‑ops.

Introduce yourself to Canada’s co-op housing success story and CHF Canada with our video “More than a home.”

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National contacts:

Tim Ross, Executive Director, 613-230-2201 ext. 222

Scott Jackson, Program Manager, National Communications, 877-533-2667 ext. 122, or (778) 227-3864 (cell)

Ontario Region contacts:

Harvey Cooper, Managing Director
416-366-1711, ext. 237 or 416-809-5048 (cell)

Simone Swail, Program Manager, Government Relations
416-366-1711, ext. 223 or 416-605-4432 (cell)