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Technical Reports

Technical Reports

Technical reports will help identify your buildings’ current issues and help you meet your capital requirements efficiently and effectively.

How well are your co-op buildings equipped to meet your needs today and in the long-term? Taking a close look at the current status of your buildings will provide a start to the answers.

Knowing what repairs and replacements need to happen, and when, is critical for the co-op’s financial health and sustainability in the long run.

CHF Canada can help your co-op find qualified professionals to –

Energy and Environmental Audits

A construction worker on a job site
Energy costs continue to rise, and reducing our carbon footprint is a greater need. Finding cost-effective ways to reduce energy costs can free up money now and into the future.  At CHF Canada, we can help connect your co-op to the experts who can determine where your best energy-saving opportunities are and which programs are available to help you pay for the upgrades.

An Energy Audit Report will assess your buildings and energy systems’ performance, recommend energy and water efficiency upgrades, determine costs to implement and calculated potential energy savings. This will help your co-op offset project costs and become more energy- and cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Aging In Place and Accessibility Studies

A symbol of a wheelchair user in an accessible parking space

Statistics show that seniors are the fastest-growing age group in Canada. We need to make our communities more adaptable to aging members and members with disabilities.

An Aging in Place report will help co-ops identify accessibility issues and recommend modifications to improve accessibility in compliance with AODA guidelines. CHF Canada can help you get a professional report to assist in planning and implementing unit modifications and accessible adaptations in your buildings.

Other Technical Reports

Procurement of specialized building reports such as building envelope studies, designated substance surveys, and indoor air quality can be important in understanding issues and costs related to your co-op buildings. Working with our partners, CHF Canada can help you obtain the specialized reports you need to understand what your buildings need and address the issues properly.

Obtaining and updating technical reports is important, and engineers offer several different kinds of assessment services. Your co-op may require other reports specific to your needs involving

CHF Canada can assist you in procuring the right kind of technical reports.

For more information, please contact Ofelia Guanlao at oguanlao@chfcanada.coop.

I recommend all co-ops look into these programs without delay. Within two weeks of the workshop, Oak Street had submitted a Preservation Fund application, had a water audit done, received information pamphlets for members on the HAP and AFT programs, and had a Toronto Hydro representative onsite to evaluate what incentives we are eligible for. Resources and information are available; we just need to take action. - Lana Nwaokoro, Manager, Oak Street Co-op, Director, CoAction Staff Association