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Board and Committees

Board of Directors

CHF Canada is a co‑operative association owned and controlled by its members.

The Board of Directors governs CHF Canada according to Canadian law and the by-laws and rules approved by members. The Board sets priorities for CHF Canada based on resolutions passed by members at the AGM. The Board hires and supervises the executive director.

Standing Committees

CHF Canada has five standing committees:

  • The Finance and Audit Committee watches over CHF Canada’s finances on behalf of members. It advises the Board and reports directly to members.
  • The Diversity Committee advises CHF Canada on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and human rights programming to meet the needs of housing co-ops and their members and partners.
  • The Aging in Place Committee helps guide CHF Canada’s work on aging in place, supporting and identifying the needs of older members in housing co‑ops.
  • The Executive Committee conducts urgent business between Board meetings.

Other work groups are created from time to time for specific tasks.

Ontario Council

CHF Canada’s Ontario Region advocates and works for our Ontario members on provincial matters. The elected members direct the work of the Ontario Region, based on input given by members at the annual meeting.