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Board and Committees

Board of Directors

CHF Canada is a co‑operative association owned and controlled by its members.

The Board of Directors governs CHF Canada according to Canadian law and the by-laws approved by members.

The Board leads the co-operative housing movement in Canada, by representing and serving CHF Canada’s members. It is guided in its decisions by

  • CHF Canada’s mission “to inspire, represent and serve our members in a united co-operative housing movement”
  • CHF Canada’s vision of “Co-operative Housing for All”

Standing Committees

CHF Canada has four standing committees:

  • The Finance and Audit Committee oversees CHF Canada’s finances and advises the Board of Directors in the areas of budgeting, raising revenue, spending, investing and lending. Through the Treasurer, the Committee reports to the membership.
  • The Governance Committee assists the Board in developing, monitoring and evaluating CHF Canada’s system of governance in order to optimize leadership and service to members.
  • The Nominating Committee oversees the call for candidates for election to CHF Canada’s Board and committees, emphasizing the recruitment of skilled and diverse candidates.
  • The Resolutions Committee receives and considers resolutions submitted by the Board or members for discussion and consideration during the Annual General Meeting, as well as recommends resolutions to the Board of Directors for their endorsement.