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Each year, CHF Canada member co-ops come together regionally and nationally to shape the future of co-op housing in Canada. They gather to celebrate successes, build networks, improve governance skills, voice concerns and dreams, discuss emerging issues and lobby government.

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Co-op Managers’ Virtual Town Hall: Members’ Meetings in Ontario National September 29, 2020 Register

For Ontario Members 

One of the biggest tests COVID-19 has brought to housing co-op governance is that of holding a member meeting. During this town hall  session we will provide an update on the legal situation with regards co-op members’ meetings in Ontario. We will explore different types of alternative meetings and we will hear from panelists with recent direct experience of organizing and managing various types of alternative meetings.



  • Keith Moyer -Regional Manager, Ontario at CHF  Canada
  • Denise McGahan – Program Manager Co-op & Planning Services, SW Ontario at CHF Canada
  • Anjala Kulasegaram – Co-op Advisor at CHFT
  • Jovette Fournier -Executive Director at CHASEO
  • Scott Stager Piatkowski – Co-ordinator at Bread and Roses Co-op
  • Kollen Hickman – Co-ordinator atWhiteoak Heritage Co-op