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Each year, CHF Canada member co-ops come together regionally and nationally to shape the future of co-op housing in Canada. They gather to celebrate successes, build networks, improve governance skills, voice concerns and dreams, discuss emerging issues and lobby government.

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You and Your Co-op: Your Role as a Manager – FULL Ontario April 22, 2021


1:30 – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

DISCOUNTED FEE $25 per person plus HST

Registration open to Ontario CHF Canada members only


Managing a housing co op is different from managing other types of rental housing. You pay the bills, fill vacancies and keep the property in good repair. But as a co op manager, you work for a democratically controlled organization. You need to understand the laws unique to co-op housing and the rules that are part of the co-op’s funding arrangements with government. You support the board and members to govern the co-op.

This webinar is designed for new co-op housing managers in Ontario. It is an adaptation of module one of our popular introductory management course. It focuses on your role as a manager and how you fit into your co-op and the co-op sector. Materials have been updated to reflect current best practices, and any relevant changes to legislation.

At the session you will get:

  • Management training, delivered by some of the sector’s most experienced educators
  • A chance to ask questions, discuss issues and do case studies
  • Ideas and inspiration from your peers
  • A file for reference filled with useful information
  • A good grounding in the basics every co op manager needs to do the best job possible

This workshop has been designed For Ontario CHF Canada members who are new managers or people preparing to work for a member housing co op in Ontario. It is also a good resource for co-op managers looking to refresh their skills.