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Advice and Support

Advice and Support

CHF Canada is here to help. Call or email our experienced staff if your co-op is having:

  • building problems
  • marketing challenges
  • financial difficulties
  • issues with mortgage lenders or government agencies (CMHC, provincial housing departments).
CHF Canada has been instrumental in the success of Westboine Park Housing Co-op. As mentors, they have provided expert advice, training and encouragement to our board of directors and our management team. They have consistently been there to assist us in so many ways- whether it was improving our governance or asset management or the myriad of other key elements integral to the success of a co-op. - Westboine Park Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg, MB

Small grants are available to help pay for technical advice for co-ops in difficulty. Loans or loan guarantees are available from our Risk Underwriting Fund.

For more information, contact your nearest CHF Canada office.