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Young Member Discount

Young Member Discount

Why a Young Member Discount?

Young members are an important part of the co-op housing movement!

Investing in young people and ensuring they have a voice, while also providing the opportunity to grow in the management and governance of the sector, is an important part of leadership renewal and the long-term success of our co-ops.

Who can apply?

Co-op members or managers under 35 years old.

Which events have young member discounts?

CHF Canada’s regional education events and CHF Canada’s Annual Meeting both have young member discounts.

How much are the discounts?

The amount and type of discounts vary. At regional education events, once your co-op has registered one member for the full day, each additional full-day young member is free.

How do I apply?

To receive the discount, follow the directions on the online registration system and choose the young member discount option.