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Planning and Renewal

Long-term planning can be complicated, potentially risky, and requires the right expertise. CHF Canada’s Asset and Financial Planning Services helps take the guesswork out of deciding what should get replaced, when, by whom, and at what cost.

Construction equipment in use on a row of homes, with construction workers on the roofOur services include assisting your co-op to obtain any needed engineering studies, then producing capital repair schedules and financial projections.

We can also help your co-op to secure project management services.

And if there is a need to borrow money, we provide services to help the co-op access financing. Our services are designed to serve CHF Canada member co-ops with easy access to the resources required to provide co-operative housing for all.

For more information, please contact Ofelia Guanlao at oguanlao@chfcanada.coop or Dave Howard at dhoward@chfcanada.coop.

New development can be a solution to your co-op’s need and plans.  For example, new units could free up good quality family housing units, while better meeting the needs of aging members. If you are interested in expanding, redevelopment and other options for the growth of co-op housing, please contact CHF Canada’s Director, Co-operative Housing Development, Ami Patel at apatel@chfcanada.coop for more information.