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2020 Annual Meeting

Published June 18, 2020

More than 600 co-op members and supporters participated in CHF Canada’s first-ever Virtual AGM on Saturday, June 13 to make important decisions to support Canada’s co-op housing movement.


Members approved Special Resolution 1 authorizing electronic meetings, and passed Special Resolution 2 finalizing changes initiated last year to CHF Canada’s governance structure.  At the Ontario Business meeting, Ontario members passed Special Resolution R1 to complete the ratification of the governance changes.


During the meeting, members also elected five Board At Large directors:

  • Anne Davidson (Granville Gardens Co-op, Richmond, BC),
  • Lindsey Murphy (Inti Co-op, Vancouver, BC),
  • Michelle Maldonado (Swansea Village Co-op, Toronto, ON),
  • Dawn Obokata (Saint Nicholas Co-op, Toronto, ON), and
  • Scott Stager Piatkowski (Bread and Roses Co-op, Kitchener, ON).

Judy Skinner (Church Isabella Residents Co-op) was elected to the Finance and Audit Committee.   Here is the full list of those elected and acclaimed this spring.

Other highlights

Several government representatives addressed members virtually with pre-recorded addresses recognizing the strength and influence of the co-op housing sector. Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Steve Clark spoke of his open and positive relationship with co-op housing representatives during the Ontario business meeting.  And at the national meeting, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, spoke of CHF Canada’s contribution towards the achieving the goals of the National Housing Strategy.

CHF Canada Executive Director Tim Ross thanked Deputy Executive Director Harvey Cooper whose planned retirement this summer was announced on March 31 by unveiling a  Thank You video featuring stories and tributes from key figures on the co-op housing sector and government:

The Virtual AGM concluded with a livestreamed solo concert by Halifax musician Joel Plaskett as a fundraiser for the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Tireless Together Fund providing critical support to women and girls through the COVID-19 crisis.

Board and Council officers

At their meeting this week after the AGM, the Board of Directors appointed as officers Tina Stevens (President), Scott Stager Piatkowski (Vice President) and Lisa Berting (Treasurer).

And Ontario Council at its meeting appointed David McFarlane (President), Mary Ann Hannant (Vice President), Allison Chase (2nd Vice President) and David Corson (Treasurer).

Board of Directors, 2020-2021

  • Lisa Berting (Treasurer, Regional Director, British Columbia/Yukon)
  • David Boyde (Regional Director, Newfoundland/Labrador)
  • Tom Clement (Regional Director, Ontario)
  • Isabel Ciok (Regional Director, Alberta/Northwest Territories)
  • Anne Davidson (At-large Director)
  • Stephen Davies (Regional Director, New Brunswick)
  • Barb Dingwell (Regional Director, Prince Edward Island)
  • James Gilliard (Regional Director, Saskatchewan)
  • Don Goss (Regional Director, Nova Scotia)
  • Coral Hetherington (Regional Director, Manitoba)
  • Michelle Maldonado (At-large Director)
  • Lindsey Murphy (At-large Director)
  • Dawn Obokata (At-large Director)
  • Scott Stager Piatkowski (Vice President, At-large Director)
  • Tina Stevens (President, Regional Director, Indigenous Community)
  • Sandra Turgeon (Regional Director, Québec/Nunavut)

Ontario Council, 2020-2021

  • Sonia Aguilar Valencia (At-large Member)
  • Tom Clement (Ontario Regional Director)
  • David Corson (Treasurer, At-large Member)
  • Allison Chase (Second Vice–President, At-large Member)
  • Mary Ann Hannant (Vice–President, Federations representative)
  • Sarah Jensen (Northern Ontario representative)
  • David McFarlane (President, At-large Member)
  • Carine Nind (Ontario Co-op Delegate, Staff organizations representative)

Finance and Audit Committee, 2020-2021

  • Lisa Berting, CHF Canada Treasurer
  • David Boyde, CHF Canada Board member
  • David Corson, Ontario Council Treasurer
  • Sahara Shaik, Elected member
  • Judy Skinner, Elected member

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