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What are SDGs? Hint: they’re in one of this year’s resolutions

Published June 07, 2023

The first Resolution members will be voting on at the National business meeting promotes co-op action towards UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Co-op 2030 Vision.

The Co-op 2030 campaign encourages co-ops to pledge toward 17 goals most relevant for co-ops, such as reducing experiences of poverty, promoting equality and climate action.

In 2017, CHF Canada members passed a resolution supporting the UN SDGs and encouraging members and sector partners to participate in them through the Co-ops for 2030 Campaign organized by the International Co-operative Alliance. This year’s resolution updates this commitment, and commits CHF Canada to more sustainable practices, and annual pledges and reporting for the Co-ops for 2030 Campaign.

Co-ops of all kind are pledging commitments to advance towards the UN SDGs in action areas that include:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Improving access to goods and services
  • Building a more sustainable food system
  • Eradicating poverty

This resolution also supports this year’s theme of the International Day of Co-operatives (observed on the first Saturday in July) is “Co-operatives: partners for accelerated sustainable development.”

As an owner, you have a say. Encourage your co-op delegate to review the 2023 Resolutions package on our Annual Meeting event site, and be ready to vote June 17.

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