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Honorary Lifetime Associate: Harvey Cooper

Published June 30, 2023

At the Annual Meeting plenary breakfast on Friday, Tom Clement, Executive Director of the Co-op Housing Federation of Toronto, presented Harvey Cooper with an Honorary Lifetime Associate award, recognizing Harvey’s accomplishments as one of Canada’s most dedicated and effective advocates for co-op housing.

Harvey spent most of his career in the co-op housing sector, starting in co-op management, member relations and co-op services. With CHF Canada, his advocacy work lay the groundwork for today’s successful government relations in Ontario. Harvey retired in 2020 as Deputy Executive Director of CHF Canada.

For more than 40 years, his energy and trademark positivity made him a much-loved figure among co-op members, and a trusted and respected advocate for co-op housing. Harvey’s boundless enthusiasm and leadership led to numerous advocacy gains.

Harvey continues his work and interest in advocacy today as a government relations specialist with Habitat for Humanity. The co-op housing movement has been elevated by Harvey Cooper’s dedication to the co-operative movement and unwavering drive to serve and advocate for members.

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