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Recognizing and Celebrating Pride in Winnipeg

Published June 18, 2024

In Winnipeg, we had the opportunity to recognize and celebrate Pride season at our 2024 Annual Meeting. Winnipeg’s annual Pride Festival was held just days before the Annual Meeting with the theme “Transcend Together,” embodying the collective strength and unity within the queer community.

CHF Canada Board Director Don Goss shared, “This theme speaks to how the queer community and allies can transcend barriers and stand strong in support of one another. And I can tell you the co-operative housing movement stands strongly and proudly alongside the queer community, today and every day.”

We were grateful to celebrate and spotlight two local drag performers, Traycee and Zova Da Silva. Between fun and energizing performances, Traycee and Zova chatted with the audience and shared some of their own personal experiences as drag performers.

As a collective “tip” for their performances, Zova and Traycee accepted a donation from CHF Canada to Sunshine House in Winnipeg, a community resource for harm reduction and social inclusion. Traycee shared: “Thank you so much. Winnipeg strives for community and we stick up for each other and that money will do so much good.”

Before their performance, Zova and Traycee recorded a message for members:

“I’m Traycee. And I’m Zova. Happy Pride, co-op members!”

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