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Post-AGM: the 2017-2018 Ontario Council

Published June 12, 2017

Post-AGM: the 2017-2018 Ontario Council

Elections were held last week at the annual Ontario meeting.

  • Declared two at-large candidate winners
  • Allison Chase
  • Clinton Reid
  • Acclaimed
  • Mary Ann Hannant, Federations representative
  • Tom Clement, Ontario Regional Director (elected to Board; sits on Ontario Council too)

At a June 11 meeting, the new Council elected the Executive:

  • President: David Waters
  • Vice-President: David McFarlane
  • 2nd Vice-President: Clinton Reid
  • Treasurer: Sharon Carolan-McKinnon

Our 2017-2018 Ontario Council:

  • Sharon Carolan-McKinnon, Northern Ontario
  • Allison Chase, At-Large
  • Tom Clement, Ontario Regional Director
  • David Corson, At-Large
  • Mary Ann Hannant, Federations
  • Dave McFarlane, At-Large
  • Clinton Reid, At-Large
  • David Waters, Staff Associations

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