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2019 AGM resolutions propose governance changes, federal election campaign priorities and action on End of Mortgage for HSA co-ops

Published April 24, 2019

Resolutions for CHF Canada’s 2019 Annual Meeting have been published for members to review on the AGM website.

Two national resolutions and two Ontario resolutions were submitted this year, in addition to the standard financial resolutions:

Resolution 1 proposes improvements to CHF Canada’s Governance

Resolution 1 is identical for both National and Ontario Region members’ meetings. It recommends that the Board and Ontario Council be reorganized into a single governance body starting in 2021. This proposal has the support of the Board of Directors and the Ontario, and now members will be asked to support this effort to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of CHF Canada’s governance.

The proposed composition of the new governance body would be 16 seats, including:

  • Three directors from Ontario
  • One director from British Columbia/Yukon
  • One director from Alberta/Northwest Territories
  • One director from Saskatchewan/Manitoba
  • One director from New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island
  • One director from Nova Scotia/Newfoundland & Labrador
  • One director from the Aboriginal Community
  • Six directors at-large

These recommendations are the result of a recent Governance Review. As reported in January, the Board of Directors and the Ontario Council struck a joint committee to develop recommendations to evolve CHF Canada’s governance structure to better represent and serve our members.

National Resolution 2 sets the stage for a showdown prior to the federal election

CHF Canada and co-op members across the country are calling on the federal government to honour its promise to protect subsidies for low-income members of housing co-ops without delay.

At the time of the resolutions deadline, the federal government has not delivered on its promised Federal Community Housing Initiative Phase 2. As such, this resolution is being presented by the CHF Canada board of directors to advance dual objectives:

  1. Ensure the second phase of the Federal Community Housing Initiative is launched well before the federal election, and
  2. Campaign towards concrete commitments from all federal parties to build co-operative housing.

Ontario Resolution Two seeks to protect HSA program co-ops nearing End of Mortgage

Resolution R2 calls on the Province of Ontario and all service managers to fix the funding formula and protect Housing Service Act (HSA) co-ops at the End of Mortgage so these co‑operative communities can continue to provide good-quality, affordable homes to over 22,000 Ontarians.

Click here to download all of the resolutions as a PDF.

For more details, please visit the Resolutions page of the Annual Meeting website or contact CHF Canada Executive Director Tim Ross at tross@chfcanada.coop or 1-800-465-2752 ext 222.

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