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Published June 13, 2023

Three photos of colourful piles of CHF Canada resources

Annual meeting 2023

Welcome to the digital display table from CHF Canada’s annual meeting 2023! These are the materials offered to meeting participants.

If your co-op is a member of CHF Canada, you – and your fellow co-op members – can access all these resources from the comfort of your home. You just have to register.

How to register

  1. Go to the Member Access page
  2. Follow the instructions, complete your registration, then LOGIN
  3. Now you can access everything on our Digital Display Table – plus hundreds of other resources!

Browse our digital display

Top 5 recommended resources

Make sure you don’t miss out on our recommended resources:

  1. Conflict series #3: Mediation services
  2. Co-op housing development: Self-assessment tool
  3. Quality co-op employer charter
  4. Rebuilding community poster
  5. Reconciliation toolkit

Annual meeting workshop materials

Did you know that we provide all the materials used in the annual meeting workshops? We do!

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