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Co-op Housing Champion Award

Co-op Housing Champion Award

In every housing co-op, there are members who go above and beyond. We want to highlight those everyday co-op champions with this award.

The Co-op Housing Champion Award is awarded every two years and celebrates a remarkable individual whose presence, efforts and community spirit have helped make their co-op and neighbourhood a better place to live.

Originally established in 1988 as the CMHC Award for Outstanding Contribution to Co-operative Housing, this award has a long history of recognizing remarkable individuals who have elevated the housing co-op sector.

The newly named award continues that tradition of celebrating co-op champions, with a new focus on individuals who call a housing co-op home.

Do you know a Co-op Housing Champion?

 Do you know someone who lives or works at your co-op who:

  • Lifts up their neighbours with their presence and brings out the best in people
  • Has made their housing co-op and community a better place to live
  • Promotes the benefits of co-operative living
  • Has made a meaningful, lasting contribution to their co-op that can serve as an inspiration to members across Canada

Consider nominating them for the Co-op Housing Champion Award!


 The winner will be honoured at a CHF Canada Annual Meeting and will receive free registration for the event, along with accommodation and travel for themselves and a companion as applicable.

How to Apply

Applications are closed. The next award will be presented in 2025.


 For more information, please contact info@chfcanada.coop.