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Our Members

Our Members

CHF Canada’s members and associates include more than 900 housing co‑ops across Canada and organizations closely linked with them.

Membership is voluntary. More than eight out of 10 housing co‑ops outside of Quebec are CHF Canada members.

Quebec’s housing co‑ops are connected indirectly through regional federations that hold membership in CHF Canada.

Individuals and organizations that support CHF Canada’s aims can join as non-voting associates.

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Member and associate categories

  • Housing co‑operatives
  • Associations of
  • Service organizations, including
    • co‑op management companies (which provide property management services to housing co‑ops)
    • land trusts (which own or control land occupied by housing co‑ops for common benefit)
  • Sponsoring organizations committed to supporting CHF Canada
  • Honorary lifetime associates. A status given to people who have provided special service to CHF Canada. They have the right to speak at the annual meeting, but cannot vote or hold office.
  • Organizations and individuals that support CHF Canada’s mission, mandate and values but don’t fit the categories above. They enjoy the benefits of membership, but cannot vote or hold office.