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CHF Canada’s Group Insurance Programs

CHF Canada’s Group Insurance Programs

Co-operatorsCHF Canada and Co-operators have had a successful 40-year partnership to deliver group insurance programs to CHF Canada members.  These programs are tailored specifically to housing co-operatives. The relationship between Co-operators advisors and you, the member co-op, is an important one.

Co-operators is a co-operative like we are, which makes them uniquely positioned to understand the needs of housing co-operatives.  CHF Canada is also a member-owner of Co-operators and participates in their regional meetings to discuss and provide input into the Co-operators’ activities and services.

CHF Canada’s approach to its group insurance programs is:

  • CHF Canada represents its members while working closely Co-operators Insurance so that we can help negotiate changes to the program that benefit our members;
  • CHF Canada members have exclusive access to these programs – only members can take advantage of the specific coverages and pricing;
  • The programs are loss-driven, which means we take a look at claims history every year to determine the best rates needed for the program;

Check out all of our group insurance programs delivered specifically for housing co-operative members like you!