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COVID-19 and Alberta housing co-ops

Published March 27, 2020

Updated September 22, 2021

By now, housing co-ops have made the shift to a “new normal” by changing operational practices in order to keep members and employees safe.

It is important to stay current on Public Health Orders and legislative changes related to COVID.

If you encounter new developments, either consult your local federation, or CHF Canada co-op staff are here to help you with your questions about co-op operations that are impacted by COVID-19.  Please call (204) 947-5411 or 1-888-591.3301 or email bhamilton@chfcanada.coop if you have any questions or need help sorting through an issue.

Please also check out our main Housing Co-ops and COVID-19 page which contains more updates and a comprehensive set of FAQs.

You can also check out our COVID-19 Meeting Resources page for tips and guides for holding electronic board meetings, town halls, and alternate ways to hold a members’ meeting or AGM.

Members meetings

It is recommended that your co-op should approach member meetings with caution.   Such meetings should still practice physical distancing and other precautions.  Consult the current provincial restrictions on gathering sizes.

Also, there may be additional restrictions imposed on specific local areas.  If you would like assistance in planning a member’s meeting, consult your local federation, or contact CHF Canada staff.

Board meetings

Even though board meetings will be smaller than members meetings, during the pandemic you may still consider holding virtual board meetings. For Alberta housing co-ops, directors can hold electronic board meetings through such means as telephone conferencing or computer video chat. This   may be a preferred way to conduct necessary board business during this time.  (see section 75(1) of the Act).

In scheduling an electronic meeting, CHF Canada recommends dealing with high priority agenda items and limiting meetings to no more than one hour in length.  (Zoom videoconferencing platform is free for meetings of 40 minutes or less

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