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On May 29, your vote can support co-op housing in Alberta

Published May 15, 2023

Albertans will flock to the polls at the end of this month, deciding on the province’s path forward. Affordability and the limited supply of good quality, affordable housing are key concerns for many communities. That’s why it is critical that the provincial government commits to ensuring a safe and secure home for all Albertans.

This election, you can advocate for co-operative housing and more investment in affordable housing across the province.

 Co-operative housing has long been a source of affordable, secure housing in a community setting, but given the inflationary situation all Canadians are facing – along with the insecurity that comes with rapidly rising rents in the private market – the benefits of co-operative housing have never been clearer. Now we just need to build more of it.

– Ayanna Inniss, Executive Director, NACHA

Housing co-operatives offer affordable, inclusive, and secure homes within a community organized around the values of social responsibility and caring for others. Supporting the housing co-op sector and building more co-operative housing will offer Canadians the advantages of affordability, diversity and security which co-op communities provide.

– Brenda Davies, Executive Director, SACHA

CHF Canada, along with the Northern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (NACHA) and the Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (SACHA), urge all political parties to increase the supply of affordable, non-profit, and co-operative housing and to support rental assistance programs for low-income households. Albertans are looking for solutions to address affordability and increased cost of living. For example, rental assistance for low-income households can prevent a wave of new homelessness due to growing housing costs.

In Alberta, there are 65 housing co-ops with over 3,000 households combined. The co-op housing sector has stood the test of time to create and maintain efficient housing solutions.

As a co-op member, you are an owner. Your voice matters to support and grow co-operative housing.

Ask your candidates

  1. How will you work with the co-op and non-profit housing sector to increase the supply of affordable housing?
  2. How will you commit to stabilizing rental assistance for low-income households?

Take action

  • Make a plan to vote:
    • Election day is May 29
    • Advance voting is May 23 – 27
  • Call, email, or tweet your local candidates.
  • Vote for the candidate who will best support co-op housing.

Helpful resources

Visit Elections Alberta #MyVoiceCountsAB on all voter information such as voter registration, voting places, and local candidates.

Visit the political party websites to learn more:

News and key issues:

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