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On August 17, your vote can support co-op housing in Nova Scotia

Published July 29, 2021

A mother and daughter stand smiling on the lawn of their co-op home. They hold signs saying "I love co-op housing" and "Nova Scotia Strong"."

Housing that is safe, secure and affordable will always be important for good health and well-being. But this is out of reach for too many individuals and families, particularly for Black, Indigenous and other racialized households.

COVID-19 has also disproportionately impacted these groups, both in terms of health and economic security. A safe and secure home is essential for all Nova Scotians, and all Canadians.

Like most cities in Canada, the cost of housing has grown faster in Halifax than incomes in recent years. And with fewer and fewer affordable options in the province, renters in rural areas are feeling the squeeze. Non-market options, like co-op housing, are essential to bring housing security to those who need it.

That’s why it is important that during this election, we advocate that housing be central to social and economic recovery plans.

This is the time for ambitious public investment in people and communities. This is the time to invest in permanently affordable housing across the province.

A housing system that works for all Nova Scotians must include more co-operative housing.

As a member – you are an owner. Use your voice to support co-ops.

Questions to ask your candidates

  1. How will you commit to long-term rental assistance for low-income households?
  2. How will you work with the non-profit and co-operative housing sector to develop more permanently affordable housing?
  3. By including co-ops, we ensure that our communities are strong, mixed income communities. How would you help build a healthy housing mix that includes co-operative housing?
  4. What will you do to ensure more seniors can age in place?
  5. There are currently 379 people that are experiencing homelessness in Halifax. What is your plan to end homelessness in our province?

Take action

  1. Make a plan to vote on August 17!
  2. Help your neighbours vote, while following public health guidelines.
  3. Call, email or tweet your local candidates.
  4. Vote for the candidate who will best support co-op housing.

Election resources

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